Sir John Wilson School (SJWS) is considered to be one of the top ranking private, English medium schools of Bangladesh. It started with only 9 students on August 29, 1995. The student body today stands at 1805 and there are 167 academic staff members. The School is at present owned and managed by the United Professional Services Ltd, a concern of the United Group. It comprises of a fully equipped, custom built campus at United City which stands on a land with the area of 10 bigha.

About 1

The School is named after the late Sir John Wilson, a pioneer in the worldwide battle against disability. The school is dedicated to provide quality education. Here at SJWS we pride ourselves in having a curriculum that is aimed at building a well rounded individual.


The curriculum at Sir John Wilson School is based on UK Edexcel Curriculum with modifications appropriate to the local needs in Bangladesh. However, we offer 2 subjects from Cambridge International Exam Board for O Level. Bangla and Bangladesh Studies is mandatory subjects for O Level at SJWS.


Extra-curricular activities plays a vital role at SJWS. These are available for Classes 1 to 12. We also offer weekend sessions of swimming and football/ basketball/ cricket practice at a specific time of the year. Along with academic excellence we emphasis on developing all inherent talents students may possess through our diverse extracurricular activities to build up their confidence and leadership skills.


SJWS strives to ensure academic achievement while providing a safe and supportive learning environment for the new generation.