InspirationIn October 1931, a twelve year old boy, John Wilson met with an accident in his school science lab.  However, his ensuing blindness was never regarded as a handicap by the emerging teenager.  He graduated from Oxford University in 1941, with a degree in Law.  As the Second World War came to an end there was a great need for people to work with the disabled soldiers, coming back from the front.  John Wilson began what was to be his life’s work, improving life for those who are blind, or preventing blindness.  He was the person behind projects, firstly in Africa, and then in India, for the mass removal of cataracts.  Retiring at 65yrs, but still energetic, Sir John Wilson, as he was now known, founded the worldwide NGO, IMPACT.  This charity seeks to work for the prevention of disability through education and health projects, whilst at the same time working to alleviate the difficulties faced by those who are disabled.

His love of life, his respect for education and his tireless philanthropy, selflessly working for others, is the inspiration for our school