In Sir John Wilson School we assess the students throughout the Academic Year with Class Tests, Formal ‘Marking Class Work’, Unit Tests, Project Work, regular marking and observation. A variety of competitions are organized in different spheres like Art, Science, Sports, Writing Skills or Recitation. Our aim is to groom the students to be independent, creative thinkers. Comprehensive Final Examinations at year end in the senior section helps students to recollect, organize and present their knowledge. In these Formal Final Examinations, students of classes 5,6,7,8 and 9 are given assigned seats and work under strict invigilation.

Our Class 10 students undergo Mock Examinations in November and then again in March with standardized rules, regulations, in all ways an environment complying with the GCE “O” Level Examinations.  From 2011, we will be preparing students for the IGCSE examinations, the more modern equivalent of “O” levels.

So far ninth batches of our graduates have successfully completed the “O” Level Examinations. Whilst all of our students do very well, some have passed with flying colours and were recognized by The Daily Star as high achievers.

Our record is 100% passes and 60+% A grades.  We try to follow our motto and ensure that while our results are GOOD, we want them to get BETTER, until they are the BEST they can be!