DSC07405The middle years building is on the main campus and has access to a purpose built library with over 5000 volumes or fiction, non-fiction and reference books.  This library is also used by the senior students.

All classes have a timetabled library lesson, each week and teachers follow a curriculum that looks at different authors, genres and how to use the library for research.  The books are arranged following the Dewey classification system, thanks to the care taken by our full time librarian.  The school is a member of the British Council Library and regularly borrows books from Fuller Road, to supplement our own book stock.

The library is also equipped with a multimedia projector which can be booked for the presentation of students’ project work.

Various initiatives are taken to encourage the students to enjoy reading.  For example, in liaison with the British Council, Class 3 and Class 4 are currently involved in a ‘Quest Seekers Challenge’.  They are hoping to read six complete books in 2 months to gain a certificate and complete the challenge.