The Middle Years section has a lot of exercise as they are in a four storey building!  Besides, they also have the use of our playground twice a week in their timetabled PE class.  The Sports teachers introduce the students to ball skills, fitness exercises and team games such as Basketball and Football.

From Class 1 students are able to participate in the schools enrichment progamme, a series of after school clubs which develop a variety of skills.  These clubs provide an inexpensive way for students to pursue their own particular interests.  The Sports clubs are always very well supported.

By Class 4 the students may have had an opportunity to be selected for teams which represent the school in competitions with other schools.  So far, Middle Years have only competed in Football.

Each year there is a Middle Years Sports Day which is an action-packed day of fun, success and, inevitably some disappointment, as students try their best to compete.