Students arriving in Class 5 are expected to be able to organize themselves with various books and copies, as well as hand homework in on time. Of course, it may take a little time to adjust to these expectations in the face of new teachers and a new timetable.

They are expected to be proficient in Bengali and English, and able to learn independently.  Students from abroad who are not able to make the grade in Bengali at first are given support so that they can quickly catch up.  Students who have no Bengali background may choose to opt out of the Bangla classes.

In the Senior section students are expected to attend punctually and regularly.  There are certificates of merit for those who attend everyday and come on time.

Students are not expected to attend coaching centres or tutors after school hours.  The school undertakes to cover the required syllabus and prepare students for the examinations in Class 10.

Throughout the school we lay an emphasis on the local environment, particularly in the Humanities subjects, but in the senior classes this becomes more noticeable in History and Geography as we are preparing students to take Bangladesh Studies GCSE in Class 9.  This is a compulsory subject.

Our student body conducts itself with a good level of decorum and respect for the ethos of the school.  Students are expected to maintain these standards and there are sanctions for those who are unable to behave appropriately.  Similarly, students are expected to where their uniform with pride and take care of their appearance.