All classes now have a waiting list and students are contacted, when spaces are available, for an assessment.  The main admissions process is for Playgroup and this begins in September of each year.

When you first approach the school office to seek admission, you will be given a student assessment application form (SAAF) to complete.  (Siblings will complete the PINK form).  There is a non-refundable charge of Tk 600.

According to the submission date of this assessment form, the school maintains a serial number of the form for admission.  You have now entered a queuing system for admission.

The school office will inform you of the assessment test date by telephone, SMS or email. If you miss the date, it will be difficult to get a new date. In case of emergency or any change of telephone number, please inform the office.

Assessment will be made by a teacher, or by a written test, using our school’s own system. The assessment system of potential students considers their capabilities, chronological age, as well as physical and emotional security. On the basis of this assessment a class placing will be recommended. The school has a philosophy that parental support and student commitment combine with the school curriculum to maximise student learning. Parents need to be able to spend time with their child and show interest in their schoolwork regularly.

For your guidance:

PLAYGROUP age is 3 years and NURSERY age is 4 years in July of the admission year.

Each class from PG to KG II usually has a teacher and an assistant teacher, which indicates a teacher/student ratio of 10:1, where we have 20 students per section. However, from KG II onwards we have 25 students per section.

Once admission procedures have been completed, an accepted student can start attending classes at the first available opportunity.

Regarding admission, the school decision is final. The school reserves the right to disallow a candidate on any issues the school deems important. The school also may ask a student to leave for reasons which are not entirely of an academic nature; it may be due to disciplinary reasons on the part of either parents or students.