Our school is becoming increasingly popular and it is essential that we have a system of admission which is transparent and fair.  We have two procedures.  One is for the bulk intake of Playgroup students at the beginning of each academic year.  The other is for the intake of students in other classes, as spaces become available.

For other classes, a waiting list is maintained.  Parents are required to complete an Application for Assessment Test form (A i - cost Tk 600), to be placed on the list.

As seats become available, usually the top three students are called for the assessment test.

An assessment test is as follows:

For classes Playgroup and Nursery, the Assessment Interview is a one to one activity session with a trained member of the school staff.

For Classes KG I to 10, depending upon the seats, the school office will arrange a formal admission test in English and Maths. However a test for assessing knowledge of Bangla may be also taken.

At the test date the parents receive information about the likely date of the result and the time frame for payment.  If they are not in Dhaka at that time, they need to give us contact details.

Parents of selected students will be informed by a text, phone call, or email and will be asked to collect a letter (Ci) and payment slip (accounts office).

The place will not be confirmed until payment has been made and the receipt returned to school.

Upon admission, parents need to fill in a registration form and will receive a school brochure.

The school has devised the admission system and only the Principal can change or consider the individual case. Parents must appreciate that their support is paramount in the success of their child.  Throughout the years at Sir John Wilson School, parents need to monitor and encourage their youngsters, as well as maintain a dialogue with the school staff.