5th Set of Homework for Nursery


Set Date:  15th March’15

Submission Date: 20th March’ 15 at the Early Section


Must do all your work in loose sheets and mention your name, class and section on each subject page

Parents please distribute the home work throughout the next 5 days.



English: Practice writing letters (smallcaps) – 5 times each – b, h, p

Math: Practice writing ‘ 9 ‘ ( nine times ) in a loose sheet

Oral: Recalling letters a-z with their phonic sounds

Recalling numbers 0 – 30 (oral work)



English: Practice writing letters (smallcaps) – 3 times each – l,t,i,j,b,h,p

Math- Practice writing numbers 0 to 9 (1 time each)

Learn 5 words with “b“and “p” such as bee, basket, ball, pen, pot, piano, parrot etc.


Day 3

English: Practice writing “ p “ and “h” for 10 times

Math: Draw and color shapes- circle, square, triangle and rectangle .

Oral: Recalling letters a-z and numbers 0 – 30

Recalling names of 12 months and 7 days