5th Set of Homework for Class 1

Set Date: 22nd Feb’15

Submission Date: 27th Feb’15  at the  Baridhara J Block ( Middle Section)


Must do all your work in loose sheets and mention your name, class and section on each subject page.


1. Fiction Skills, page 32 (unit 5) - Ending Sentences - Do ex- A

2. Non-fiction Skills, page 32 (unit 5) – Punctuation – Do ex- A

3. Non-fiction Skills, page 32 (unit 5) – Punctuation – Do ex- B


 1. Revise 4 and 5 times table thoroughly

2. Write down 4 and 5 times in a loose sheet

3. Revise 6 and 7 times table thoroughly

4. Write down 6 and 7 times table in a loose sheet 


1. Read the story  ‘ Hash o Murgi’ from the book Chhana Ponar Goppo. Underline difficult words and make a list of it.

2.Read the topic  ‘ Mayer Bhalobasha’(page 61, Amar Bangla Boi) and answer following questions.

    1. Loktir haat e ki chilo?

    2. Ma pakhi ta ki korlo?

3. Write four words for each symbol:

   a. O kar   b. Ri- kar    c. ukar    d. Ee kar.


Topic- The Earth, Equator and the Poles

  1. Explain in your own words:
    1. How do we get seasons?
    2. Importance of Orbit in Solar System
  2. Write short notes on
    1. Equator
    2. Axis

History :

Write 3-4 sentences about Begum Sufia Kamal’s early life and her achievements in a loose paper.