7th Set of Homework for Class 1

Set Date:  15th March’15

Submission Date: 20th March’15  at the  Baridhara J Block ( Middle Section)


Must do all your work in loose sheets and mention your name, class and section on each subject page.



F/S unit 6 page 35- Do ex A comprehension

1. Non-Fiction Skills – Do page 76, Ex-E (Comparing Words)

2. Non-Fiction Skills – Do page 79, Ex-B (Speech Marks)



1. Read the story –‘ Dolna’ thoroughly from the book ‘Chana ponar goppo”and underline difficult words.

2.  Underline the Verbs in the sentences given below:

a) Ma pakhi ta urche.

b) Nira mathe khelbe.

c) Amra roj school e jai.

 d) Shokal theke brishti hochhe.

3. Read the story thoroughly ‘SHUVO O DADIMA’ (page-58, Amar Bangla Book) and write what works Shuvo did for his dadima.



1.  Colour the boxes to show these fractions:                                                              


         ½                                    ½                           ¾                                        4/4          


2.  Division:

25¸5=.........       35¸7= ..........        18¸9=..........     16¸2= ..........    30¸10=............

3.  Learn 4, 6 and 9 times table thoroughly from C.W copy.



Go through the note “Wonders of the World” and underline the difficult words.