Homework for Class 1 during strike

Set Date:  12th April’15

Submission Date: 18th April’15  at the  Baridhara J Block (Middle Section)


Must do all your work in loose sheets and mention your name, class and section on each subject page.


Day 1. Revise the rules for singular / plurals. From Fiction Skills Do - page-77- Exercise-E

Day 2. Fiction skills - Page-77- Contraction, Do Exercise-D


Day 1. Read the topic “Mumur Shat Din” page-63, (Amar Bangla Book) and write the names of 7 days.

Day 2. Read the topic “Mumur Shat din” and answer the following questions:

a. Kon duti din chutir din?

b. Koi din e ek shoptaho hoe?

c. Tomar posonder din konti?


Day 1. Do H.L.U Act 31, 35 (in the book)

Day 2. Do H.L.U Act  40, 42  (in the book)


Day 1. Go through the notes on “Wonders of the world” and draw a picture of any one wonder of the world.

Day 2. Write down the names of any 5 wonders of the world. Mention which two wonders of the world you would like to visit and why?


Topic- Oceans and Continents

Day 1. Go through the worksheet and map from the class work copy on ‘Oceans and Continents’.

Day 2. Complete the table in a loose sheet.

largest continent


Deepest Ocean


Coldest Continent


Hottest Continent


Smallest Ocean


Coldest Ocean


Smallest Continent