Do the following in a loose sheet of paper:

  1. Review ‘Prefix’ from Fiction skills, page 12.   Do ex-A from F/S- page 77
  2. Review ‘Suffixes’ from NF/S, page 30.   Do Ex-C from NF/S- page 77
  3. Review ‘Comparing Words’ from Fiction skill, page 31.  Do Exercise-E, from NF/S page-76
  4. Write a paragraph on how you have spent your winter vacation (10 to 12 sentences)


  1. Read the topic “ Mayer Bhalobasha” (Amar Bangla Boi, page-60) thoroughly for F/B and Q/A

Do the following in a loose sheet of paper:

  1. Read the topic “Mayer Bhalobasha” and make a list of difficult words.
  2. Make sentences with the following words: 1. Shathi 2. Dure 3. Ador 4. Jaiga 5. Basha
  3. Make a list of any 7 things you do in Seven days of the week


  1. Learn 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 times table thoroughly.

Solve the sums in the book

  1. Do HLU ACT 26
  2. Do HLU ACT 27
  3. Do HLU ACT 2


Write the answers in the loose sheet

1. Read the topic ‘Air’ thoroughly and answer the question :

     • Why do we use paper weights?

2. Read the topic ‘Weather ‘ thoroughly and answer the question:

     Why don’t we wear woolen sweater during the summer season


  1. Go through the handout on “China- The Land of Great Wall and famous teacher Confucius”, Pages -1, 2 and 3 and written work done in class

Do the questions in a loose paper:

  1. What did Confucius want to teach people?
  2. Write five facts about The Great Wall of China


Do in a loose sheet of paper

  1. Read the handout on “Earth, Equator and the Poles” and Draw a diagram showing them.