HOMEWORKfor 24th Jan to 28th January 2016

(Please do all the homework in loose sheets)




1. Review Past Tense from Fiction Skills, page 19.
    Do Ex- B from F/S- page 78.
2. Fiction Skills unit -7 page- 40- Read the story Theseus and the Minotaur and underline the difficult words.


বিষয়ঃ মায়ের ভালোবাসা

১।বাক্য গঠন করঃ

ছানা, পাখি, সাথী, কাজ, আদর   

২।খালি ঘর পূরণ করঃ

ক)মা পাখিটা বাচ্চাদের __________ করল।

খ)ছানা দুটিকে ____________ হবে।

গ)লোকটি তার __________ বুঝতে পারলও।

ঘ)নবিজির কথামতো _________ করল।

ঙ)__________ দিয়ে তাদের ঢেকে রাখল।                       

চ) নবিজি লোকটিকে কাছে ___________।

ছ) পাখির বাসাটি __________ বললেন।

জ) মা পাখিটা ________ এলো।

ঝ) মায়ের কত _____________।

ঞ) বাসাটা আগের ____________ রেখে এসো।


Do HLU Act - 26 and 28 (in the book).
Learn 2,3,4,5,6 and 10 Times Table thoroughly.


Revise the topic Water from page 53 to 57.

Fill in the Blanks:

1.  We drink water when we are ________.

2.  We need water to live but __________ and _________ also need water to live.

3.  Water from lakes, rivers and wells are ________­­, then sent to homes through pipes.

4.  Clean water is precious and should not be ___________.

5.  If a plant is not given water for a long time, it will look ___________.


 Read page 1 from the topic- The Land of Great Wall and the Famous Teacher Confucius

Answer the following questions:

Q 1. Why was it difficult for the Chinese people to live near the Yellow River?

Q 2.  Who used the towers of the Great Wall of China?


Revise the topic- The Earth, Equator and the Poles

  Answer the following questions:

          Q1. Name the imaginary line on which the Earth rotates.

          Q2. How long does the Earth take to rotate around the sun?

          Q3. What is an Orbit?