** All written work is to be done on loose sheets and submitted upon return to subject teachers.


Day 1: Fiction Skills Unit-6 page-34, 35- Read the extract Merlin and underline the difficult words.

Day 2: Fiction Skills page-78 Check-up Do Ex-A and B

Day 3: Non-Fiction Skills page-79 Check-up Do Ex-A (all)

Day 4: Write the beginning of your own story in which a child is kind to a lost animal. Write in 5 to 6 sentences describing the setting and the characters of the story.


Day 1:   T.B page- 14, Do (Ex: 1and 2)

Day 2:   T.B page- 9, Do (Ex: 4a and 4b)

Day 3:   T.B page- 18, Do (Ex: 1c, 1f, and 1g)

Day 4:   Revise 4, 5 and 6 Times table


Day 1: Read the topic ‘Mayer Bhalobasha’ page 60 from the text book. Underline new and difficult words.

Day 2: Read the topic “Mayer Bhalobasha” and make spelling list of 15 words.

Day 3: Make sentences with the following words:

  1. Shathi   2. Ador   3. Basha 4. Dure 5. Kaj

Day 4: Write a paragraph of 5 sentences about “Shiter Pitha”


Day 1: Read the topic “Air” from the book Success with Science Ahead, page# 47-50.                                                                                                                        

Day 2: Do the book exercise A, B, C and D from page 51.