4th Set of Homework for Class 1

Set Date: 15th Feb’15

Submission Date: 20th Feb’15  at the  Baridhara J Block ( Middle Section)


Must do all your work in loose sheets and mention your name, class and section on each subject page.



  1. Fiction Skills page 76, Do Ex-D (Antonyms)
  2. Fiction Skills page 77, Do Ex-B (Spelling pattern)
  3. Fiction Skills page 25 – Revise Compound Nouns. Do Ex-D from page 78
  4. Fiction Skills page 28 “The Hippo and the Elephant”. Read the story and circle 5 nouns.
  5. Fiction Skills page 29 “How the Crab got the Crack in its Back”. Read the story and circle 5 verbs.



Begum Sufia Kamal

Read the notes on “Begum Sufia Kamal”.


Begum Sufia Kamal got married at the age of 12. (               )

Her first literary work was published when she was only 10. (               )

She was the editor of the famous magazine ‘Begum’. (               )

She took part in the Liberation war of 1971. (               )


Where and when was Begum Sufia Kamal born?

How were women treated during her time?



Solve the Sums in the loose Sheet:

1. 46 + 14= ......... 2. 39 + 15 =......... 3. 40+17=........ 4. 13+ 7=............ 

5. 36+18=...............  6. 25+25=.........

2. Revise 6 and 11 times table  thoroughly.

3. Draw the 2D shapes: Square, Rectangle, Diamond, Triangle and Pentagon.

(Take the help from the list of 3D shapes given in the class work copy)

4. Draw the 3D shapes: Cube , Cuboid, Sphere, Pyramid and Prism.

(Take the help from the list of 3D shapes given in the class work copy)

5. Colour all the shapes drawn.


1. Read the topic thoroughly ‘ Mayer Bhalobasha’ page 61 (Amar Bangla Boi) for fill- in the gaps and true\ false.

2. Read the topic ‘Mayer bhalobasha’ and answer following questions:

    a. Nobiji  lok ti ke ki ki korte bollen?

    b. Nobiji Kader niye boshe chhilen?

3. Write a paragraph of 7 sentences about your favourite person.

4. Make sentences with the following words:

a. Bagan b. Shatar c. Kaj d. Akash


1. Read the topic ‘Air’. (Chapter 9; page 47-50). Underline the difficult words and list them down in a loose paper.

2. Draw any two objects that can move with the help of wind.


1.  Read the topic- “The Earth, Equator and the Poles” thoroughly.

2. Answer the following questions:

   a. How many directions are there? Name them.

   b. If the planets do not stay on its own orbit what will happen?