1. Read “Rainbow Poems” from F/S, U-7, pg-40-41 and underline the difficult words.

           Do the following in a loose sheet of paper:

           2. Do Ex-D (Using the word ‘got’) from F/S, Check-up under Vocabulary in pg 76.

           3. Do Ex-E (‘i-e’,’ igh’, ‘y’ words)from F/S, Check-up under Spelling in pg 77.

           4. Write a paragraph on how you have spent your winter vacation (10 to 12 sentences).



          1. Read the topic ‘Dadir Hater Mojar Pitha’(Amar bangla book,page36) thoroughly for F/B, Q/A

         Do the following in a loose sheet of paper:

        2. Read the topic and do the book exercise from page 38.(Book exercise-2, 4,6)

        3. Write a paragraph on ‘Shiter chuti’( 10 sentences)

        4. Make sentences with the following words: 1.shundor 2. shiddho 3. mojadar  4. Bikkhato 5. Pitha


1. Revise 2-12 Times Table thoroughly.

Solve all the sums in H.W Copy (Do the workouts only)

2. Do H.L.U Act 33

3. Do H.L.U Act 30

4. Do H.L.U Act 31



1. Q/As from Chapter-What does air have? ( Do the work in a loose paper)

Q 1. Name 5 things present in air.

Q 2. How would you show that air is needed for burning? Explain in your own words.

2. Read the chapter “Forms of Water” and underline difficult words.



1. Read the topic “ The Indus Valley Civilisation”


Write the answers in a loose sheet

2. Answer the following question:

a) Describe the cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation.

b) Draw a mind map on the society, culture and lifestyle of the Indus Valley Civilisation.



     1. Read the chapter “ Ways of Travelling” ( page 26-31)

     Write the answers in the loose sheet

     2. Why are different types of transport needed? Which one do you think is the best? Why?