7th Set of Homework for Class 3

Set Date:  15th March’15

Submission Date: 20th March’15 at the Baridhara J Block (Middle Section)

Must do all your work in loose sheets and mention your name, class and section on each subject page.


1.  NFS,Unit-8, “The Great Barrier Reef.” Pg-64 “Suffix” Do Ex-A1 and A2.

 2.  NFS,Unit-8, “The Great Barrier Reef.” Pg-64 “Suffix” Do Ex-B1.

3.  NFS,Unit-8. Change the following words into adjectives by adding the suffix “ful”

           beauty, duty, care, fright, meaning, colour, cheer, hand, scorn, skill


-Read the essay ‘Ekushe February’ on page#94, Book: Chhotoder Byekoron O Rochona.

-Draw / Create a mind map on Ekushe February         

-Revise the poem ‘Chol Chol Chol’ on page#25 and practice all the words meanings on page # 26, Book: Amaar Bangla Boi, Tritio Sreni.


Revise chapter “Town”, pages 20-25 and revise all the works done in C.W. copy thoroughly for the next class.


1.  TB Pg: 34 Ex 3 all  (Please follow class work copy)

2.  TB Pg: 35 Ex 1a, 2c, 3b and 4c  (Please follow class work copy)

3.  TB Pg: 35 Ex 5 all (Please follow class work copy)




1.  Revise chapter.9 “The Human Body” page 56-62; Name the main systems in the human body.

2.  Draw and label “The Breathing System”. Refer to page 60.




Read the note on Greece and underline difficult words