Homework for Class 3 during strike

Set Date:  12th April’15

Submission Date: 18th April’15  at the  Baridhara J Block ( Middle Section)


Must do all your work in loose sheets and mention your name, class and section on each subject page.


Day  1. FS  unit 9 pg-74. Do Ex-B (punctuation)

Day  2. NFS, Unit-9,Pg-68-71.  Read the extract and do comprehension exercise A



Day 1  HLU ACT 36  (Please follow class work copy)

Day 2  TB Pg: 49 Ex 1, 2 and 3



Day 1- Write 8 sentences about your national bird in your own words.

 (Follow ‘Pakhpakhalir Kotha’ in Amaar Bangla Boi, page # 56 – 59 if needed)

Day 2- Write a letter. (Bangla Noboborsher din kibhabe katao janiye bondhuke ekti chithi likho)



Day 1  Read the chapter 12 “The Earth”, pg 80-82.

Day 2  Draw the layers of the Earth and color it.



Day 1 Read the topic, Making things, pagr-32 and 33

Day 2 Underline the hard words and find meanings from the topic “Making things” page 32-33.

Answer the following questions:

  1. From where do we get most of the things that we eat, wear and use?
  2. Make a list of different parts of a factory.