** All written work is to be done on loose sheets and submitted upon return to subject teachers.


Day 1- NFS U-7 pg-52 and 53. Read the entire extract and underline the keywords.

Day 2- NFS U-7 pg-53 Do comprehension Ex- A.

Day 3- NFS pg-102 Check-up, Do Ex- C, D.

Day 4- Write the opening for a story (only one paragraph 7 to 10 sentences) based on the starting point. Only write the first part not the full story. Starting point: I opened the window and looked out…………


Do all the given tasks in the loose sheets. Solve all the exercises with proper statements, workout and proper answers.

Day 1: HLU ACT 21

Day 2: Revise Times table from 2 to 12.

Day 3: HLU ACT 25

Day 4: HLU ACT 29


Day 1 – Write first two stanzas (11 lines) of the poem “Amader Ei Bangladesh” (page # 5) with proper punctuation, from Amar Bangla Boi, Tritio Sreni.

Day 2 – Revise and practice word meanings given in the class work copy for the poem “Amader Ei Bangladesh” (Orally)

Day 3 – Write a paragraph of 8 sentences on “Sheeter Chuti”(Winter Vacation).

Day 4 – Read the topic “Pakhider Kotha”, page 52-54 thoroughly from Amaar Bangla Boi, Tritio Sreni.


Day 1: Revise the chapter “Nesting Habits of Birds”(Pg 42-44) thoroughly from the book “Success with Science Ahead”


Day 2: Read the chapter “Parts of a Plant” (Pg 47-52) from the book “Success with Science Ahead” and underline the difficult words.


Day 3: Revise the Chapter “Routes and Journeys” thoroughly from the book “World Watch 2” (Pg 26-31)


Day 4: Read the Chapter “Germany” from the book “World Watch 2” (Pg 50-55) and underline the difficult words