11 September 2022


 Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

On Thursday, 08 September 2022, Sir John Wilson School arranged Covid-19 Vaccination Programme for the students of Nursery to Class 5. Following the Government directives, the school took the initiative in collaboration with the Government. Assigned government doctors and nurses were S the Saturkul Campus of the school to vaccinate the students. Students who pre-registered for the vaccine through Surokkha App were enlisted by the school for vaccination. In order to avoid mass gathering, the programme was run following staggered timing for different classes, and students and parents came for vaccination according to their respective timeslots. The school authority was prompt in maintaining the protocols of Covid-19 prevention such as social distancing, wearing masks and sanitization throughout the event. Altogether, more than 520 students were vaccinated on the day. We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards the parents. Without their support and cooperation, this would not be an effective initiative. We also thank all our teachers and staffs for their tireless and determined support. We are glad to have successfully completed this programme, and together we shall thrive to beat Covid-19.  

Best wishes and good health to all Wilsoners!   



Sabrina Shaheed 


Sir John Wilson School 


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