School Transport Service


Here at SJWS we provide a well-organized school transport system. Some of the benefits are:


  • Reliable & hassle-free
  • Expert drivers
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Trained Bus Mother in every vehicle
  • Live location sharing

Currently the service is available in: Gulshan | Baridhara | Banani | Mohakhali | Rampura | Rajarbagh | Bashundhara R/A | Uttara | Mirpur.


To book for the service kindly ‘Apply Online’ or please contact the Reception for Application form.



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School Transport Rules:

1. Students will use the designated pick and drop points only to use the transport service. No change can be entertained without  prior permission of the School Management.


2. Parents have to ensure that their child do not go to and from the bus stop unescorted and are expected to be in the pick/drop off  point at least ten minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus.


3. If any parent/guardian wishes to take or drop off their child privately then the parent/guardian shall inform respective Bus Mother.


4. For any discrepancy, parents shall only communicate with the transport department at official mail or contact number.


5. If a student damage the bus and its properties, penalty will be levied. Any misbehavior with the driver, bus mother or other students will result in exclusion from use of the service. Bus mothers will report any incident to Transport Officer and the VP.


6. Bus will not provide any extra service, for after school club, activities, school events /shows, extended lesson or exam.


7. The school authority will not be responsible if the bus is late for traffic congestion or any unexpected incident.


8. Bus will leave campus on time; if any student misses the school bus, then school will not provide any extra drop off facility to that student.


9. During any unscheduled closure such as hartal or natural calamity bus service will be suspended.


10. Students are not permitted to carry or use any mobile, laptop or any other electronic equipment such as MP3 or MP4 or any game item in the bus.


11. If any parents do not pay the bus service fee for consecutive 3 months, then that particular student will not be eligible for the service any longer.


12. If a student’s family moves to a new address that is not on the route, the school may not be able to accommodate them. It will also depend on the availability of seat in the new preferred route.



13. Currently monthly fees: Pick & drop –


New Bus Fare

Total Payable

(Fare + 15%VAT)

Bashundhara (Unchanged)


7,475 (6500+975)

Gulshan/ Banani/Mohakhali/Raowa Club/ Baridhara DOHS/Nikunja/Rampura / Rajarbagh


8,625 (7500+1125)



9,200 (8000+1200)

The rate is subject to change. School authority will notify the parents beforehand about the change. Only Pick or Drop Service can be availed upon application from parents and approval from school management. The fees will be half in case of only pick or drop service.


14. Sibling will be able to avail 15% waiver on the bus charges only who will use both way service. The waiver needs to be availed through application and school management’s approval.



15. To discontinue from Transport Service, parent must fill out a Transport Discontinuation Form. The form must be submitted a month (within 1st to 5th day) before the preferred month of discontinuation.


16. If you have any queries or complain please contact the Transport Service Department. Mobile No: 01709933006; Email:officertransport_sup_This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.