31 May 2022 

Dear Parents of KG I to Class 11, 

You will be glad to know that The Tech Academy is planning a summer camp at Fab Lab. They have designed it in a manner where they will do in-person sessions with the students which will include indoor and outdoor activities including Robotics, Sports, VR Experiences, Board Games, Game Testing, Space Education, and many more things. They will be covering both STEAM and Non-STEAM activities. The activities will all feel like games. They have even edufied a lot of popular games which will be both fun and educative for the children. They will also have fun-filled field trips in each of the weeks, all by playing games and doing fun activities in our summer camp.

The summer camp's weekly slots will be placed between June to July. You will be able to choose the weeks you want your children to join in. The weeks will have different themes and different activities. The program will run during school hours (10 AM-2 PM). 4 hours per day, 4 days a week (Sunday - Wednesday). Anyone aged between 6-18 will be able to join it. The registration fees per child for each week (16 hours of activities) will be 5000/-. This includes snacks during event, transport from our venue to the outdoor venues, and all other included costs.

Here is the link to register for the Summer camp:


The flyer for the event is also attached hereby. You will find the activity list for the summer camp in the same flyer.  

TTA Summer Camp


Kind Regards 

School Administration 

Sir John Wilson School