Dear Parents of All Classes (PG to Class 12),

Please note the following:

All Parents are requested to come on Monday, 1 Aug 2016, to their respective campuses from 9 am to 1pm. (New PG to KGI at Gulshan campus and New KGII to Class 12 at Satarkul campus)

  • Please bring a photocopy of the Security card of your child (if you have taken it from school) to submit to the class teachers/advisors. Those who have not given the information for the security cards are requested to complete all the formalities immediately by Monday, 1 Aug 2016.
  • Please write down the full name of your child with class and section at the back of the passport size photographs for the student ID cards.


You will be given the following items on that day by the Class teachers/Advisors:

  • Car sticker
  • The books for the new academic year can be taken by showing the Book Charges payment receipt to the class teachers ( you may think of bringing a bag to carry the books)
  • A security system letter
  • Previous year’s books and report cards which had not been collected from school yet.


Thank you

Best regards

Brig Gen Mirza T H Beg (Retd)


Sir John Wilson School