Students enter the Middle years in Class 1 and continue into Class 4.  The students become more independent as they have a wider range of teachers for their various subjects.

After School Clubs is a popular way to relax at the end of the School day. Students can sign up for the after school enrichment clubs programme from Class 2.  Class 1 students are encouraged to join the swimming programme which runs only in this year.

Upgrading reading skills is a vital part of the Middle Years programme. There is an important emphasis on learning to read fluently and students are encouraged to borrow (and read!) library books each week.  In addition we link with the British Council whenever they have schemes such as the Quest-Seeker Challenge which encourages readers.

Throughout the school there is an emphasis on Active Learning and students will be engaged in group work, chart work, research, projects and other experiences such as assembly presentation, as this upgrades the learning experience by engaging the students' interest.

Field trips are important and students will sometimes be asked to consider a topic by visiting an appropriate site.  For example, a Class 4 topic on Settlement might have students looking at urban expansion by visiting Bashundhara and monitoring its growth.