October 8, 2017


Dear Parents,

Traffic Rules:

This is our kind request to all parents of SJWS to observe the traffic rules in front of the school campuses. Please maintain the line and refrain from overtaking while dropping off and picking up children. Overtaking, speeding and harsh driving can cause accidents and we all have the responsibility to safeguard the students. We have been trying to maintain the traffic rule strictly but without the cooperation from parents it is not possible to uphold it. Please inform your drivers to maintain the traffic rules of the school in both the campuses.


Health and Hygiene:

Please make sure that students do not have head lice. Nails should be clean and trimmed. The hair should be neatly combed. Girls with shoulder length hair should tie up their hair properly which will help them to stay comfortable in this hot weather. All students must bring an extra school T-shirt in their bags so that they can use it when they sweat excessively.

We have also observed that few contagious diseases are spreading, like Chicken pox, HFMD, conjunctivitis etc. We suggest that parents consult with the doctors before sending their children to school if they are suffering from these mentioned medical conditions. Otherwise the diseases become wide- spread and create discomfort among other students.

We look forward to your support.


Thank you


Sabrina Shaheed