Sir John Wilson School celebrated the first of its kind E- Graduation Ceremony for the 15th batch of IGCSE students and 8th batch of A level students on Saturday, 5 September 2020 at 11 am and 5 pm respectively. A total of 87 students graduated from the School this year. 


Successful Graduates, Proud Parents and Teachers along with the Administrative body of the School met together on Zoom to carry out this ceremony to commemorate the students who have reached this important educational milestone in their lives. Mr Moinuddin Hasan Rashid, the Chairman and Managing Director of the United Group; Mrs Nasreen Subhan, Chairperson of the School Managing Committee; Ms Sabrina Shaheed, Principal and Dr Farhana Khan Zaman, Senior Section Vice Principal spoke at the ceremony and congratulated the Graduates on their stellar performance in this year’s Board exams and on their graduation. 


The Valedictorian of A level batch, Fardin Hussain and Salutatorian of A level batch, Aniruddha Das spoke about their sweet memories and what led them to win these Awards during the programme held in the evening. The Valedictorian of O level batch, Md. Ishmam Hossain and Salutatorian of O level batch, Sarim Zulkifl spoke about their school journey during the programme held in the morning. They also conveyed their gratitude to the school administration and their teachers who have taught them since Playgroup until this much-awaited day. Awards including Best display of School Spirit, Perfect attendance of the year, Best athlete of the Year and Ingenuity were given to the deserving students. 


To celebrate their success, a piano recital by Zahi Wali Aadit of Class 10 Padma and a group song by students of the Senior school- Nubayera, Areb, Zarif, Samaila, Samah, Sarah, Sadman and Zahi Wali directed by Music teacher, Mr Golam Rabbi Shohag were dedicated to the Graduates. A wonderful slide show was played for the Graduates, showcasing their participation in various school events, credit of which goes to Mr Feroz Eftekhar Nowaz, Exam Controller. This brought back many old memories and touched everyone emotionally. 

The whole program was compered by Ms Natasha Sabrin Khan, Assistant Academic Coordinator and the vote of thanks was delivered by Ms Pikasha Imam, Academic Coordinator. 


It was a moment of great joy and pride for everyone at the ceremony, and the ceremony was conducted in high spirits in spite of the odds faced in the current pandemic crisis.