A Level Update for Students and Parents!

We are delighted to let you all know that the A Level Program is being shifted just across from the entrance of the Senior Section to the new building which has just opened, on the 1st Floor. Painting, decorating and furnishing the new premises is under way!

We are very excited for the classes to commence on the June 23rd, 2013. Our A Level Faculty is comprised of recognized and A Level - experienced teachers. The timetable for the students has been designed individually, depending upon the selection of subjects. There will be separate support staff and guards in the new block at all times.

We hope to make the A Level Program as efficient and as broadly educational as possible in order for the students to be great active, independent learners. These will be special years for these two classes and we have plans to focus on character-building, guidance, values, skills development and leadership which will be a great asset when applying for universities and for jobs.

We look forward to sharing the new space with you all! Please call the School if you have any questions!

Dr. Farhana