Coping with the Cyberage

By Afsara Rashid and Safa Marwa


Good and bad ideas both come from the same fountain; quoted Shaun Tan, an Australian artist, writer and film Similarly, the growth of the internet and computer technology over the past years has led to the growth of cybercrime throughout the world.


On 27th and 28th November 2018, a seminar on Coping with the CYBERAGE for Class 3 and 4 was conducted by Southtech Limited, one of the largest software companies of Bangladesh. The seminar was conducted by Ms Syeda Wedad Quader and Ms Shafia from Southtech Limited. We are very proud to mention that Ms. Wedad is an alumni of SJWS.


The objective of the 2 day seminar was to reach to the students and let them know about cyber bullying, cybercrime and howphoto-2-1 they could be a victim of it. The sessions highlighted on the signs of children being cyber-bullied, importance of online etiquette. This was a very interactive session as our students shared their experiences and knowledge on these issues. The presentation also gave direction to the teachers on how they can help students become aware about the issue, establish rules about appropriate digital behavior, help children develop emotional intelligence so that they can learn self-awareness and self-regulation skills and learn how to have empathy for others.


During the workshop there was a Q/A session where the children got an opportunity to clarify their queries and ended the workshop on an optimistic note.


At the end all students were given a leaflet on the topic to carry home for their parents as parents are an integral part of the awareness programme.


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