Senior Section Events in the month of August 2022

Sir John Wilson School Inter-Class Futsal Tournament took place from 27th to 30th August at the United City school campus after a duration of almost 2 years. It was well-organized by Chowdhury Md Zumail Izad of grade 12 and Rosafi Rahman of grade 11. The tournament was a great success and would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the organisers and the teachers of the P.E. Department. After almost few years of staying home due to the pandemic and missing out on all the amazing school events, this event was a great start!

The occasion was graced by the Honourable Principal, Vice Principal, respected teachers and our enthusiastic parents. There were mainly 3 categories among the teams; class 5-7 boys, class 8-12 boys, and girls. After the introduction of the teams, the hosts addressed the players and inspired them to show their talent in the true spirit of sportsmanship. All the participants of the football teams participated with great enthusiasm and vigour. Some of the matches led to penalties and were extremely enthralling to watch as the crowd gathered to observe which team would win. Some of the teams were strong from start to finish and easily qualified to the next rounds. Even though only a few teams could qualify to the semi-finals and finals, all of the team players gave commendable effort. The most amazing part of this tournament was when the junior girls and boys teams hurdled past the senior teams and became Champions! This was not only entertaining to watch, but also showed how truly devoted the teams of our school are towards the game. The happiness and pride in their faces were a sight to see.

Most of the matches took place on the first day and the final matches took place in the following week. The Champion teams were awarded with trophies and medals. The Runners up team also received medals. Top scorer, Best Defender, Best Goalkeeper and Most Valuable Player awards were also handed out during assembly. Both the Champion and Runners up teams along with special awardees will be receiving certificates soon.

Taka 33,000 generated from this tournament shall be used for financing the underprivileged students’ education through JAAGO Foundation.

In short, winning and losing are a part of the game but the most important thing is never giving up. Showing up again with more unity and strength at the end of the day is the road to success.

The Inter-Class Futsal Tournament was a grand success by the combined efforts of the P.E. department, students, teachers, support staff and administrative staff and we are excited for more amazing sports events like this one in the future.

-Written by Junayna Kabir of class 12


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HSBC and British Council Student Engagement Programme

Ten students from Class 12 were chosen on the basis of their excellent grades in Pearson Edexcel AS exams to participate in HSBC and British Council's first ever Student Engagement Programme.

HSBC and British Council

Our school was proudly selected for their pilot programme. It was a wonderful two-day event on 29 and 30 August 2022 in which the students learnt about how the bank operates on a regular basis and they were exposed a professional work place and responsibilities. The first day was held in HSBC Bangladesh Management Office in Tejgaon where our students got to hear from some of the most decorated professionals in the country which included the CEO of HSBC Bangladesh, the Head of Strategy; wholesale and retail banking; HR and many more departments. Mr. Ahmed Mohtasim Zaber, Management Associate, helped the students with impromptu question and answer sessions clarifying a lot of the bank jargon or queries the students had.

HSBC and British Council 1

There was also a short visit from Mr. Jim O’Neill, Exams Director, British Council Bangladesh in the programme who shared the objectives of this programme and how the students could be benefitted by

it. The second day included a more practical approach with the 10 students being split up into two groups of 5, one group who visited the HSBC Gulshan Branch and another group who visited the HSBC Uttara Branch. The second day offered a more detailed explanation of how a global bank's operation is managed on a busy day. It also included many sessions and lectures from the Heads of Operations in the branch and also from the branch Manager. These two days helped our students gain a lot of knowledge about these large organizations and will definitely give them valuable insight in the banking sector.

-Written by Zahi Wali Aadit of class 12