**All work to be done on loose sheets unless stated otherwise

**Completed study pack to be submitted within the first 2 days after school resumes




Gul Mohar Reader 6

Day 1: Page 1. Comprehension: Tabby’s Tablecloth.

-Read the text & answer questions: 2, 3, 4 & 7 (p 7).

Day 2: Do Exercises B & C from p 9 in the book.

Day 3: Write a diary entry describing how you spent your summer holidays.




Day 1: Read Chapter 1 from the book ‘The Northern Lights’.

Day 2: Read Chapter 2 from the book ‘The Northern Lights’.

Day 3: Use dictionary to find out the meanings of the following words, & make a sentence with each of these words:

The words: crouching, solemn, thronged, intruder, conscience, ingratiate, impassive, eloquence, phenomenon, severed, abominable, heresy




Day 1: Write a paragraph on the topic “Desh Prem” (15 lines)

Day 2: Read a Bengali newspaper and write down 5 positive or inspiring headlines from that day’s newspaper.

Day 3: Translate the following sentences to Bengali:

  1. Unity is strength.
  2. Health is wealth.
  3. We have a lot of duties and responsibilities towards the society.
  4. It is very difficult to be great.
  5. Man cannot live alone.




Day 1: Read page 14 and underline and write down the meanings of 15 hard words from the story “Lal Goruta”. (Take help from dictionary)

Day 2: Read page 15 from the story “Lal Goruta” and make 5 questions from the story.




Chapter 1: Solve the following questions:

Day 1:Exercise 1A: Question 1 (all) , Question 2a,

Exercise 1B: Q1 (all), Q4

Day 2: Exercise 1C, Questions 1(all), Q4 (a-f)

Day 3: Exercise 1D: Q2 (all), Q3 (a-f)

Day 4: Exercise 1E: Q1 (a-d), Q2(all)

Day 5: Exercise 1F: Q1 (e-h), Q2 (a-d).




Day 1: Read page 8 and 9. Answer Q. 1, 3, 4

Day 2: Read page 10 and 11. Answer Q. 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9

Day 3: Answer questions 6 (a, b), 7 (a, b), 8 & 9.

Day 4: Read page 12 and solve question 2 (a, b, c)

Day 5: Read page 13




Read pgs 2-5

1. Write the teachings of Buddha in bullet points.

2. On a flowchart, show the Eightfold Noble Path. How can you follow the Eightfold Noble Path in your life?

3. Why did Buddhism get divided? Which countries follow Buddhism as a major religion even today?




Chapter 1: Coasts (Pages 6-10)

1. Define the following: Fetch, swash, backwash, tide and tidal range.

2. Which 3 factors determine how high the waves in a place will be?

3. Explain the four types of coastal erosion.

4. Identify and explain three types of landforms created by wave erosion.


Chapter 1 - Fundamentals

Q1. What is a computer? Describe in your own words,

Q2. Write the names of the four main types of computer.