15 July 2018


Dear Parents,

We have observed that many students have Head lice. Please examine your child’s hair and scalp for evidence of live lice, lice eggs, or nits (egg casings left behind after lice have hatched). If you find head lice please treat it as soon as possible to minimize the spread to other individuals. Please do your part to prevent the spread of this communicable condition by checking your child(ren) daily for the next few weeks, and on a regular basis thereafter. Lice infestation is much easier to treat if caught early.

Please also make sure that students have clean and trimmed nails. The hair should be neatly combed. Girls with shoulder length hair should tie up their hair properly which will help them to stay comfortable in this hot weather. All students must bring an extra school T-shirt in their bags so that they can use it when they sweat excessively.

Kindly note that School will take precaution to eliminate mosquitoes around the campuses as much as possible.

We look forward to your support.



Sabrina Shaheed