26 July 2018


Dear Parents,

Mosquitoes in School Campuses

Please be ensured that we are fumigating the campuses on a regular basis to get rid of the mosquitoes. Our staff has been cleaning all possible breeding grounds of the mosquitoes. I highly suggest that all students use Mosquito repellents like Odomos, Purnava Mosquito Repellent etc. to cover their exposed body parts. It is certainly our utmost desire to keep our students safe from all dangers but I am sure that you will also agree with me that it is difficult to remove / destroy mosquitoes completely from the environment.


Bringing cash in school:

It has always been a strict rule of the school that students are not allowed to bring in cash unless there is a specific need for it. We have seen students losing money when they bring it for club payment or to buy Tiffin. For Tiffin we made coupons which needed to be bought in advance by the parents. Unfortunately that was not followed all the time. Please be informed that from now on, if you need to send any cash to the school, it has to be handed over to the section office, in a sealed envelope with student’s name and class written on it. Please also mention the purpose of the cash on top of the envelope.



Sabrina Shaheed